The world's first DIY safety system creates a safety shield with easy calling and notifications to registered caregivers, family and friends by simply pressing the alert button for 3 seconds.

Unique Features of Anchor PA

·      Safety at home with the Anchor and safety outside of the home using the Safety App on your smart phone

·      Multiple channels are used to send the alert:

ü A voice call to one designated caregiver

ü Text Messages/Short Message Service (SMS)

ü Automatic phone call notifications

ü Notifications to Safety Guard Android/iPhone App

·      Multiple people are alerted - any number of recipients can be added to your safety network

·      Location of the alert is provided to your safety network

·      Incoming call support option enables close relatives to check up on your wellbeing

·      Any recipient can acknowledge the alert and all members are informed that help is on the way

·      Be in the know

ü Loved ones are notified each time you reach home or when you leave home

ü Loved ones can check that you are safe at home anytime and from anywhere


Anchor PA works with a Safety Button – Pendant or a Wrist Band to send alerts and has a low subscription fees of $4.99 for Canada and & $3.99 for U.S.


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Anchor Panic Alert/ Medical Alert System

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